Michigan Couple Steals From Mother to Buy Weapons Arsenal

Michigan Couple Steals From Mother to Buy Weapons Arsenal April 13, 2015

A husband and wife team, both school bus drivers, have been arrested and charged with embezzlement and other crimes. They allegedly stole tens of thousands of dollars from the wife’s sick mother and used it to buy a massive arsenal of weapons for their basement bunker.

Steve Nick, 33, and his wife, Sarah, 32, of Davison Township, both belong to the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell told reporters at a news conference Tuesday. Steven Nick is a gunner for the militia and Sarah Nick is as a medic and grenadier, WNEM-TV in Saginaw reported…

The sheriff said the couple allegedly embezzled more than $50,000 from Sarah Nick’s 67-year-old mother to buy the arsenal they stored in a bunker in the basement of their home. The arsenal included a 50-caliber machine gun, a sniper rifle with a suppressor, 17,000 rounds of ammunition, various firearm accessories and bulletproof vests, including one for their 9-year-old daughter.

The sheriff’s office investigating the couple began in August 2014 after an elder abuse task force discovered that the suspects allegedly were writing checks to themselves drawn on accounts belonging to Sarah Nick’s mother, who was ill.

I’m generally a supporter of the right to own guns, with all reasonable restrictions of course. But anyone who thinks they need an arsenal like this scares the shit out of me.

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