More Dishonest ‘Journalism’ From the Worldnetdaily

More Dishonest ‘Journalism’ From the Worldnetdaily April 13, 2015

The Worldnetdaily does its typically dishonest job of reporting on the story of weapons-grade moron Josh Feuerstein and his publicity stunt to order anti-gay cakes from a bakery. Here’s the headline: “ASK ‘GAY’ BAKERY FOR CAKE, GET CHARGED WITH CRIME: Pastor threatened with criminal prosecution for documenting blatant ‘double standard.'” And here’s the only paragraph in the article that even mentions the possibility of prosecution:

Haller complained of “nasty” phone calls and “negative gestures.” She said she lost money and was investigating her legal options, noting that the recorded phone call is illegal in Florida. According to Lifesite, Haller said she had reached out to the FBI regarding a possible criminal case.

That’s it. No one has “threatened” him with prosecution (the only people who could possibly do so are the police or the FBI, and they have not done so). Nor would such a prosecution, should it happen, have anything to do with his having “documented” a “double standard.” It would be for violating state law by secretly recording someone without their permission (Florida is a double consent state, meaning both parties must agree to be taped) and then putting it on Youtube (which makes the crime even worse).

Just your typical slanted and dishonest reporting from the Worldnetdaily. It’s not just their specialty, it’s the only kind they have to offer.

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