Trump Could Have Negotiated a Better Iran Deal

Trump Could Have Negotiated a Better Iran Deal April 13, 2015

Egotist and raging asshole Donald Trump says he could have negotiated a better deal with Iran than President Obama did. After all, he wrote a best seller called The Art of the Deal. Sure, it was mostly a get rich quick scheme sold to ignorant losers, but still.

Continuing to pretend that he is running for president, Trump took on President Obama’s negotiations with Iran, which he insisted he would have been able to handle better because he wrote “the biggest-selling business book of all time,” his get-rich guide “The Art of the Deal.”

“The deal is terrible, it’s going to lead to nuclear all over the place and everyone’s going to want to have it and it’s a disaster for Israel, I can tell you, it’s a disaster for this country,” he said. “And they just don’t know what they’re doing.”

Wouldn’t you love it if he’d been on a radio show with someone intelligent so they could have asked him specifically what was wrong with the Iran deal and how he could have negotiated a better one? I’d love to have listened to him stutter and stammer like an idiot and try to change the subject.

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