What Fischer Thinks Caused ‘Noah’s Flood’ This Week

What Fischer Thinks Caused ‘Noah’s Flood’ This Week April 13, 2015

It’s always amusing to hear what the Christian right thinks caused “Noah’s flood” at any given time. Some have amusingly claimed that it was caused by gay marriage, without evidence of course. Now Bryan Fischer says it’s because they didn’t use the death penalty — on God’s orders, by the way.

As Fischer explained it, “God had prohibited the death penalty prior to the Flood” and it resulted in so much chaos and bloodshed that God was left with no choice but to kill almost all of mankind.

“When people say we ought to just get rid of the death penalty, we just ought to get rid of capital punishment and society would be so much better off,” he said, “well, we tried that; we tried that from the creation to Adam until the Flood … And what happened? It was chaos. It was vigilante justice. And people began killing other people simply because they got insulted or because they got injured or because they got wounded. So there was no sense of proportionality, justice was a matter of each man talking the law into his own hands. It was total chaos and the result was the entire world had become so corrupt that God had to wipe the whole thing out and start over.”

Wait, doesn’t that mean God screwed up? That God’s command led directly to the worst genocide in the history of the world (I mean, if it actually happened, which it didn’t)? Did God set us up? I mean, he must have known that would happen. He is omniscient, after all. Oh what logical pretzels you have to twist yourselves into to defend such nonsense.

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