Carson: Obama Won’t Fight Terrorism

Carson: Obama Won’t Fight Terrorism April 14, 2015

Ben Carson spoke at the NRA convention this weekend and turned the pandering and dishonesty up to 11 to get the crowd all fired up. He told them that we need guns to fight all those Muslim terrorists coming across the Mexican border because Obama won’t fight terrorists.

Likely GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson told the NRA’s annual meeting today that Americans need guns more than ever since the southern border has been exposed to infiltration from “radical extremist Islamic terrorists” whom President Obama doesn’t intend to fight.

“When they get here,” Carson said, “we need to be able to fight them, particularly if we have an administration that won’t fight them, we need to be able to fight them ourselves.”

I know, right? Hundreds of drone strikes, thousands of air strikes against ISIS, killing Bin Laden and most of the leadership of Al Qaeda — that Obama just won’t fight the terrorists and that’s why we need a bunch of heavily armed Bubbas to fight all those non-existent terrorists crossing the border.

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