Jindal Attacks Hollywood, Business for ‘Assaulting’ Christians

Jindal Attacks Hollywood, Business for ‘Assaulting’ Christians April 14, 2015

Bobby Jindal understands that if you want to get applause from conservative audience, all you have to do is attack Hollywood and business (and the media, though he left them out) as boogeymen who are conspiring to destroy Christianity. So that’s what he does:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attempted to add a populist bent to his remarks on the topic — an increasingly popular strategy among LGBT rights opponents — by declaring that “an alliance of Hollywood elites and corporate America” are “assaulting the rights of Christians” by opposing measures like those in Indiana and Arkansas that would have given broad leeway to business owners to discriminate against LGBT customers.

“We need to remind these elites, America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created the United States of America,” he told the enthusiastic crowd.

What, no Saul Alinsky? No George Soros? Come on, Jindal, you’re gonna have to get better at this if you want to win the Republican presidential nomination.

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