Joyner: God Using Islam to Punish Us

Joyner: God Using Islam to Punish Us April 14, 2015

Rick Joyner, like most fake Christian “prophets,” insists that he can discern exactly what God is up to at any given moment. And like most times, God is sending a message to America to stop doing things that Joyner doesn’t like. Only this time he’s using Islam to punish us.

“What is happening with radical Islam rising in the earth is judgment from God against perversion and abortion,” Joyner said. “I believe God is using it just the way He used the heathen nations around Israel; whenever Israel fell into apostasy, He would use the heathen nations around Israel to discipline them … I believe this challenge of Islam all over the world, God is allowing it — it’s not His spirit, it’s contrary to His spirit — but He is allowing it to bring judgment on both perversion and abortion.”

Maybe you should pray about it. And get a lot of others to do it too. For 40 days. Because that’s always fixed everything in the past, right?

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