Calebrese’s HIlarious Obliviousness on Gay Conversion Therapy

Calebrese’s HIlarious Obliviousness on Gay Conversion Therapy April 15, 2015

President Obama came out last week in favor of a ban on children being forced by their parents to undergo “gay conversion therapy” to try to turn them straight. Such “therapy” is horrible and dangerous and makes things far worse for gay teenagers. Dan Calabrese, who runs Herman Cain’s website, amusingly contradicts himself about it. First this:

The left hates so-called “gay conversion therapy,” which they think is a bunch of pseudoscience nonsense performed by quacks and intended to deny people the right to be “who they are.”

And then he goes about proving that it is, in fact, a bunch of pseudoscience nonsense performed by quacks:

Since the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God, and yet many people obviously feel homosexual urges, how do you square the two facts? You square them in the same way you explain any person’s desire for sin. The person who craves heroin, or alcohol, or unhealthy quantities of food, or to hurt other people – these are all desires of the flesh that are in opposition to God’s will for your life. The driving force behind all sin is spiritual – and yes, Right Wing Watch, I mean demonic – and the cure for it is deliverance by the authority of Jesus Christ.

How does that work? It has to start with the person wanting to be delivered. A deliverance minister can take authority over a demon in the name of Jesus, but if the person who is oppressed by the demon wants to remain in that state, then no deliverance minister can stop the demon from coming right back. (Luke 11:24-26) If a homosexual person wants to be free from this desire of the flesh because he knows it puts him in opposition to God, he can be free of it through repentance and surrender to Christ, and a deliverance minister can help him to get rid of the evil spirit.

If Obama has his way, a deliverance minister trying to free people from evil spirits would be forbidden by law from doing so. A person in a state of demonic oppression could not be helped because the official position of the United States government is that this state of demonic oppression is a good way to be, and no one should try to change it.

He’s wrong about that, actually. The law would have nothing to do with a “deliverance minister,” it would be a professional regulation of licensed therapists. Preachers and faith healers could, and undoubtedly would, continue to cast out those non-existent demons. But thank you, Dan, for proving the point that this is all a bunch of bullshit.

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