Huckabee Peddles the ‘Economic Terrorism’ Line

Huckabee Peddles the ‘Economic Terrorism’ Line April 15, 2015

Mike Huckabee appeared at a Christian right event in Iowa last week and said that the fact that President Obama called Michael Sam is proof that America is in “utter collapse.” And then he delivered the usual hypocritical hyperbole about pro-equality boycotts.

During his remarks, Huckabee said the fact that President Obama called gay football player Michael Sam is a sign that the culture in America has gone into an “utter collapse” and decried boycotts against anti-gay businesses as “economic terrorism.”…

Huckabee went on to warn that religious liberty is under attack in America, citing the criticism that Chick-fil-A received several years ago after the company donated millions of dollars to anti-gay groups and the restaurant’s president said that marriage equality was “inviting God’s judgment on our nation.”

The backlash against the company, Huckabee said, was nothing short of “economic terrorism.”

Funny how it’s only “economic terrorism” when other people do it. When Huckabee was boycotting Cracker Barrel for pulling some Duck Dynasty merchandise from their stores, that was totally not economic terrorism. And when he boycotted NPR? Totally not economic terrorism. And praising the current boycott against Girl Scout cookies? Absolutely not economic terrorism. It’s only “economic terrorism” when liberals do it.

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