Rafael Cruz Still Demands Mandatory Prayer in Schools

Rafael Cruz Still Demands Mandatory Prayer in Schools April 15, 2015

Rafael Cruz continues to use ridiculous talking points when making public appearances, preferring the fantastic narrative in his head to reality. This time he’s blaming the Supreme Court prayer rulings for causing violent crime, teen pregnancies and all manner of terrible things.

In an interview with Iowa-based conservative radio host Steve Deace on Friday, Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz, repeated his frequent assertion that Supreme Court rulings limiting government-sponsored prayer in schools led to spikes in violent crime and teen pregnancy, claiming that until then, the “Bible was the principal textbook in all schools all the way to universities.”…

“The church is actually more responsible to the place where America is today than anybody else,” he said. “Because if we go back to 1962 and 1963, two abominable decisions of the Supreme Court. 1962, prayer was taken out of schools; 1963, Bible teaching was taken out of schools. You know, for generations kids prayed in school before starting the day. The Bible was the principal textbook in all schools all the way to universities.”

The “church remained silent” in the face of those Supreme Court decisions, he said. “The consequence of that, we can see it in the statistics. Teen pregnancy skyrocketed after 1963 and so did violent crime, all as a result of taking Bible-reading and prayer out of schools.”

And yet violent crime and teen pregnancy have both been dropping like mad over the last 25 years. Teen Pregnancy has dropped more than 50% since 1990 and violent crime has made a similar drop. Did prayer and Bible reading suddenly get put back in? Nope. So much for that theory. And remember, this is a guy who claims to be all about freedom and liberty, yet here he is advocating that the government force school children to recite government-composed prayers and be forced to read the Bible even if they aren’t Christian. Because those words mean the opposite to the Christian right than they mean to everyone else.

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