Barber and Hard Persecution vs Soft Persecution

Barber and Hard Persecution vs Soft Persecution April 16, 2015

Wingnut carnival barker Matt Barber, like most of his fellow dimwits and demagogues, loves to draw non-existent parallels between actual persecution of Christians in other countries, mostly Muslims, and fictitious “persecution” of Christians in the United States. And here we go again:

Barber said that while those murdered in Kenya were victims of “hard persecution,” at the same time “right here in the United States, Christians at an escalating rate are experiencing a softer persecution, but it’s still anti-Christian persecution.”

Just as John the Baptist was beheaded for speaking out against “sexual immorality,” so too are Christians being persecuted in America today, Barber said.

“You have those who are pushing for sexual immorality and acceptance of sexual immorality and Islamists kind of both targeting Christians for persecution,” he said, “some with hard persecution, others with more of a soft persecution. We’re not being beheaded here in the United States yet but certainly advocates of sexual relativism are what I call the Islamo-progressive axis of evil.”

“So-called progressives, they have a common enemy,” Barber continued. “The common enemy is truth, is Christ, is Christians, is Christ followers.”

Quite the opposite is true, of course. It is Barber who share common enemies with the very Muslim fundamentalists he decries — gay people, women, virtually the entire modern world. And while the Muslims demand hard persecution of gays and women, Barber will settle for soft persecution.

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