Gary Cass: Beware the Gay Abortionists

Gary Cass: Beware the Gay Abortionists April 16, 2015

Gary Cass is one of the more ridiculous of B-team Christian right types. The guy who created the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has a podcast now, on which he delivers crucial warnings to his followers to beware of those evil gay abortionists who are out to destroy God and cute kittens.

On the most recent installment, Cass explained that gay marriage and abortion are both satanic attacks on the image of God and His command to “be fruitful and multiply.”

Warning that “gay abortionists” are out to “destroy the fruit of heterosexuality,” Cass declared that Satan uses both abortion and gay marriage to “attack humanity at the core of their essence where the image of God resides, to destroy them sexually, to destroy the fruit of their womb.”

“If you’re Satan, that makes perfect sense,” he said. “It’s all an attack on the image of God.”

If there’s fruit coming out of your womb, something has gone seriously wrong.

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