God’s Going to Destroy Us. In Other Words: Blah, Blah, Blah

God’s Going to Destroy Us. In Other Words: Blah, Blah, Blah April 16, 2015

And once again we have a Christian right wackadoodle telling us that if we don’t stop gays from getting married, God is going to destroy the United States. You know, like he’s destroyed all those other countries that already have it. This time it’s Michael Bresciani:

The Bible clearly warns that the practice and promulgation of homosexuality and other perversions will draw God’s disfavor and in time his severe judgment on this and any nation. Those who take their bibles seriously cannot wait until others take them seriously – it will be too late by then…

There is little left for the LGBT to disrupt in America and the gay agenda’s public relations activists have clobbered the nation through the media, the state legislatures and it is now looming at the door of the Supreme Court to bring marriage in line with its demonic plan.

Should they succeed there will be absolutely nothing left to block an impending and imminent judgment against the United States from a very patient God who after all, will not be mocked

Having spent the last ten years intensely focusing on America’s waltz into the deepest levels of moral depravity and reprobation, I have often wondered why God drives us to warn a people who turn a deaf ear to its best voices for good, like those listed above. It seems that the voices are called into play only so in the end no one will call for the excuse that they were not warned. It seems that they will be granted what they want while ignoring the approach to losing all that they already have. Such futility is not new to nations throughout history, but now it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

America has ignored every warning and message of those sent to her and is about to slam headlong into what I describe as the “40 Year Factor.”

I can’t say what that means in every detail, but I can say what I have seen and heard and that starts with an economic collapse that will parallel and go beyond the dust bowl days and the stock market crash of 1929. It will be a time of “extreme poverty and scarcity” such as never seen in our history.

I think you should put a time frame on this prophecy of yours, Michael. If the Supreme Court does legalize same-sex marriage nationwide in June (and I’m 90% sure they’re going to), if your predictions don’t come true within, say, five years, we get to stone you to death as the Bible demands of false prophets. Deal?

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