Hannity, Guests: Jon Stewart to Blame for Gang Rape

Hannity, Guests: Jon Stewart to Blame for Gang Rape April 16, 2015

Fox News loves to show lurid videos of young girls in bikinis around spring break as they stare at the screen and talk about how sad such displays of immorality are (wink, wink). Jon Stewart made fun of them for it a year ago. So now that a girl has been gang-raped on a spring break trip, that’s obviously all Stewart’s fault.

Sean Hannity and his guests blamed Jon Stewart’s mockery of their salacious spring break coverage last year for a gang rape this year that was recorded on video showing witnesses stand by and offer no assistance.

Guest Gavin McInness, the Vice co-founder, said he and Hannity tried to warn viewers that women were vulnerable while partying at spring break, but he said Stewart and his “Daily Show” writers were “cracking jokes like we’re at a rape roast,” reported Mediaite.

“You have that smug cretin, that despicable Jon Stewart, literally touching his eyebrows (and) going, ‘What’s the worst that could happen, hall monitor Sean Hannity? She’s going to blow out her left butt cheek twerking?” McInnes said…

“Jon Stewart and all these smug liberals who were laughing the whole time are the same as the bystanders who walked by,” McInnes said. “They have the same blood on their hands. They made jokes about rape, and they’re not funny.”

Hannity agreed, saying Stewart and other media watchdogs attacked his program’s coverage despite being “too busy with his head up Obama’s butt.”

“It doesn’t feel good to be vindicated,” McInnes said. “This is not, ‘Ha-ha-ha, I told you so.’”

“As the father of two daughters, I’m disgusted with this, and I’m disgusted with Jon Stewart talking like that,” Dietl said. “What if it was his daughter? He wouldn’t be talking so smug — smugatacious punk.”

Yes, yes, yes. Pour out that fake moral outrage. Because I’m sure that Hannity’s five-part series about girls twerking on spring break would totally have prevented this woman from getting raped a year later if only Jon Stewart hadn’t made fun of them for boosting their ratings by showing video of it to their octogenerian viewers to simultaneously be titillated and appalled by it.

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