What’s Rafael Cruz Calling Nazi Today?

What’s Rafael Cruz Calling Nazi Today? April 16, 2015

This could almost be a game show. We could invite a contestant down to spin a big wheel to see what Rafael Cruz or other Christian right dullards are comparing to Hitler and the Nazis this time. And the winner today is — spins wheelCommon Core educational standards.

“In Nazi Germany, Hitler said, ‘Give me the children and I will rule the world.’ That’s what’s behind Common Core,” he said. “It’s brainwashing of our children, it’s changing and destroying the foundations that have made America the greatest country on the face of the earth.”

Later in the speech, Cruz said that Common Core is “molding the minds to adopt a secular worldview which destroys American exceptionalism, which destroys the historical foundations of America, which destroys what has made America a unique place in the world.”

You win a NEW CAR! And it gets better:

After warning that government “brainwashing” is bringing about the “destruction of our Judeo-Christian foundation” and “our religious liberty,” Cruz blasted “the concept of ‘diversity,’” which he called “totally opposite of what made America great.”

That’s right. A Cuban immigrant who came to America and became a citizen is against diversity. You simply can’t make this shit up.

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