How Many Groups Does David Barton Speak To?

How Many Groups Does David Barton Speak To? April 17, 2015

Warren Throckmorton has long been trying to figure out how David Barton claims to speak to more than 400 groups a year (sometimes more than 600). Seems logistically impossible. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that he does this by being dishonest. He found a document from one of Barton’s lawsuits that spelled out all his “appearances” before “groups.”

Notice that the largest single category of presentations is “Radio.” Barton does a taped radio show (ironically called Wallbuilder’s Live) each week day. He appears on most of them. It appears that he is counting his daily show as a group presentation. Doing so pushes the number of “groups” he addresses to over 400. Looking at these lists of presentations, it does not appear that he addresses 400 different groups per year. In this list, Barton even includes the articles he writes as a presentation. By this logic, I spoke to at least 590 groups in 2014 (blog posts), and that doesn’t include my columns in the Daily Beast and elsewhere. If my college lectures and other speaking opportunities are included, I do twice as many presentations as Barton. Does that mean I speak to twice as many groups?

Hell, by that measure I speak to almost 4000 “groups” a year. Imagine that, David Barton fudging numbers to exaggerate his accomplishments. Anyone surprised? Me neither. And I’m still waiting for him to documents his wondrous college basketball career at Oral Roberts University, which appears not to have ever existed, or his claim to having been a translator for the Russian gymnastics team in 1976. I don’t think I’m going to hold my breath waiting for it though.

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