Man Who Burned Neighbor’s Gay Pride Flag Has Gay Friends

Man Who Burned Neighbor’s Gay Pride Flag Has Gay Friends April 17, 2015

A Nebraska man is facing felony charges after stealing a gay pride flag from the gay couple that lives in his neighborhood and setting it on fire in front of their house. I’m sure it goes without saying that he was just joking. And of course, he has lots of gay friends.

Cameron Mayfield, 23, is accused of stealing the flag from the home of a neighborhood gay couple at the beginning of March and now faces felony charges of arson aggravated by a hate crime.

Police received a call from the women who identified Mayfield and, while investigating, found the burnt remains of the flag in his basement.

According to Mayfield’s father, his son had been drinking the night before the incident.

“My client wants to apologize for the foolish stunt he committed on March 1,” said James Martin Davis, Mayfield’s lawyer. “He was intoxicated.”

Speaking with the press, Mayfield searched for a word to explain his actions, finally choosing “prank,” adding, “I have gay friends and I apologize to my neighbors. I’m sorry for the confusion. I don’t hate anybody or anything.”

Hey, at least he isn’t claiming religious freedom to do it. And he was drinking and he has gay friends (allegedly), so that makes it totally okay. Never mind that he terrorized a couple with young children in their home. Move along, nothing to see here.

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