Perkins: Hillary Wants to Destroy the Family!

Perkins: Hillary Wants to Destroy the Family! April 17, 2015

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (read: Anti-gay Bigot Council) went on an extended rant about Hillary Clinton, claiming that because she’s pro-choice and pro-gay rights, she wants nothing less than the “complete demolition of the natural family.”

Over her long career as a senator and America’s top diplomat, Hillary Clinton has been a global advocate for abortion-on-demand and the complete demolition of the natural family, making her anything but an ally of children or the family. Even her presidential announcement video made a point of elevating the homosexual agenda above other key American priorities. “I’m getting married this summer to someone I really care about,” says one man in the video before the camera pans to him holding hands with another man. “When families are strong,” viewers hear Mrs. Clinton saying, “America is strong.” In the next frame, another same-sex couple is featured. Proving once again just how out of touch the Left is with mainstream America, the ad ignores the military and the global threat in favor of radical fringe issues.

If the two minutes of Hillary’s YouTube announcement demonstrated anything, it’s that Republicans need a candidate who is in clear contrast to the Obama-Clinton agenda — not just in rhetoric, but in record. After the failures of the last two Republican bids for the White House, a number of GOP hopefuls seem anxious to verify their conservative credentials on a full-portfolio of issues. Obviously, they’ve gotten the message that voters are not looking for a Republican, they are looking for a conservative leader who has the courage to act and undo what this administration has done. We need a leader who will not apologize for America’s exceptionalism, but embrace the source of it. And we need a leader who will contend with those in far away [sic] places trying to kill people because of their religion — while also contending with those here at home who want to kill the freedom of religion. In this year’s field, there is reason for optimism with candidates who have fought for children and families.

Let me take a page from Perkins’ playbook and go Godwin on him. This is pretty much the same tactic used by Hitler to dehumanize the Jews. For Perkins, gay people are not human beings capable of loving one another and forming families, they are boogeymen. And not just them but anyone who defends them and their equality is obviously trying to destroy your family, even though there’s no rational argument why it would affect anyone’s family in any way whatsoever.

As always, there’s this giant gap in their argument.

1. Allow gay people to get married.

2. (blank)

3. The demolition of all straight families and civilization itself.

This is classic demagoguery and classic demonization. Those people — immigrants, Jews, blacks, gays, etc — are out to destroy your way of life. They are a cancer on society and must be excised or the whole society will collapse. He’s following the blueprint laid down by Adolf Hitler.

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