Welfare Drug Testing Totally Not Focused on Poor

Welfare Drug Testing Totally Not Focused on Poor April 18, 2015

A Republican legislator from Indiana actually managed to make a claim that was so breathtakingly stupid that he got called out on it by Brian Kilmeade. That’s like Paris Hilton calling you shallow. The legislator actually said that a bill he sponsored that would apply mandatory drug testing to welfare recipients is totally not focused on poor people.

On a Fox & Friends segment called “Entitlement Nation,” host Brian Kilmeade noted that critics of Indiana’s drug testing bill had argued that it singled out and stereotyped the poor.

“I think it’s going to save a whole bunch of money,” McMillin told Kilmeade. “And it certainly isn’t focusing on poor people. What it focuses on is people who are using drugs.”

This claim puzzled the Fox News host.

“If you’re on welfare, usually you don’t have that much money,” he reasoned. “So it might not be wrong to label them poor people.”

“Well, it might not be wrong to label them less — you’re correct, they don’t have as much money as some other folks do,” McMillin admitted. “But just because they don’t have that money doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make sure taxpayer dollars are used efficiently when they do get it.”

Oh, it’s just about making sure taxpayer dollars are not used for drugs. Okay then, let’s subject all elected officials to mandatory drug testing, including you. After all, you’re paid with taxpayer dollars. And all the executives at every company that has a contract with the state of Indiana. That’s taxpayer money too. When you do that, I might believe that you aren’t focusing on poor people. Until then, you’re a fucking liar.

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