Terrorists Don’t Attack US to Not Embarrass Obama

Terrorists Don’t Attack US to Not Embarrass Obama April 19, 2015

Dan Klein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, went on quite a rant this week on Sandy Rios’ radio show about how Obama is letting terrorists cross the border to destroy America. And he said the only reason the terrorists aren’t attacking is so they don’t embarrass their buddy, President Obama.

“For a lot of us, there’s a sense that the DHS under this administration’s control is trying to sabotage our immigration controls,” he said. “The point is that every single day coming across our desk at FAIR, we see evidence that this administration is maliciously trying to sabotage our ability to stop immigration, illegal immigration, people coming across our borders.”

“The question of course is why is it we haven’t had more terror attacks in this country,” he added. “The only answer must be that they don’t want to embarrass Obama, who seems to be such an ally.”

Right. Because what would an ally of the terrorists do? Obviously, ramp up a drone strike campaign and take out most of the Al Qaeda leadership, including Bin Laden. And order thousands of bombing raids on ISIS positions in Iraq. Imagine how deranged you would have to be to actually believe that Obama is siding with Muslim terrorists.

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