Tancredo Thinks Obama Will Launch Military Strike on Israel

Tancredo Thinks Obama Will Launch Military Strike on Israel April 20, 2015

Every day I read claims made by far-right “thinkers” and wonder to myself just how demented, how deranged, how utterly disconnected from reality someone has to be to take such claims seriously. Here’s another example: Tom Tancredo thinks Obama is going to launch a military attack on Israel on behalf of Iran. Seriously.

Would anyone be surprised to see this headline in the spring or summer of 2016: “Obama orders U.S. military attack on Israel / blocks Israeli strike at Iran / Iran grateful“?

Like it or not, there is an increasing likelihood we will see that kind of headline before Obama leaves office.

I think pretty much everyone would be surprised by that other than people like you, whose brains are picked by decades of being soaked in a brine of paranoia, self-delusion and a crying need to demonize your opponents.

President Obama’s treasonous sellout to the Iran nuclear program is only the latest chapter in his betrayals of America and our allies in the face of Iran’s Islamist ambitions. A U.S. military attack on Israel would have been unthinkable under any other president, but it is now quite conceivable.

There are two reasons we need to take that possibility seriously. First, it is entirely consistent with Obama’s pattern of pro-Iran policies and actions. Secondly, there is no one standing in his way…

Who or what would stop Obama from attacking Israel? A Republicans Party that is already throwing in the towel on the Iran nuclear agreement? Republican leaders who will not even utter the word “impeachment” no matter how unconstitutional Obama’s actions? Republican presidential candidates who can’t even make a strong case for secure borders?

There is good reason why Obama does not fear the Republican-controlled Congress. Why should he? Does the snake fear the mouse?

Tancredo’s connection to reality isn’t tenuous, it’s non-existent. He could have predicted that Reptilians from the hollow earth would come to the surface and attack Israel and that would have been no less credible than this claim.

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