Trent Franks Tosses a Mean Word Salad on Iran

Trent Franks Tosses a Mean Word Salad on Iran April 21, 2015

Rep. Trent Franks is one of the more ignorant and dimwitted members of the House, just a small step above Louis Gohmert. On the Family Research Council radio show he tossed a rather absurd word salad about Iran that I imagine will strike you as being as amusing and ridiculous as I do.

“There comes a time when Israel will not be able to reach from the air, without some ground forces, some of the potential facilities that could come into being and if they don’t do it at the right time, it may be essentially too late for them to reach that, so they’re in an extremely difficult circumstance,” Franks said.

“All I can say is that if America lets Israel down, America will be letting America down and America will be letting the world down.” Franks continued: “I sometimes do not have the intellectual wattage to overcome the bewilderment in my heart when an American president stands by and lets Israel, our most vital ally in the world, be threatened by a dangerous, hellish regime like exists in Iran today and allows the potential of jihad to put their finger on the nuclear button. It is a disgrace that literally defies description in the English language.”

He doesn’t have the intellectual wattage to overcome the bewilderment of his heart? I certainly agree with the first part, but what on earth does that mean? And “jihad” is not an organization or anything that takes action, it’s a form of action. And why in the world does he think that Israel could not reach facilities in Iran by air? Especially when the agreement with Iran forbids the building of any new facilities and has very strong monitoring to prevent it. This is just paranoid gibberish.

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