FRC Prays to Change the Minds of Supreme Court

FRC Prays to Change the Minds of Supreme Court April 22, 2015

The Family Research Council has apparently given up on actually trying to make persuasive arguments and just wants God to wave his magic wand and change the minds of the Supreme Court justices so they don’t overturn state laws banning same-sex marriage.

It is hard to see how Justice Kennedy’s hostility toward DOMA, ensconced in the Windsor ruling, can somehow not be transferred to his thoughts concerning the motives of the states in the case being considered on April 28th. The only hope is that the respect for the states demonstrated in the Windsor ruling will override the hostility toward those who favor natural marriage. Lord, open Justice Kennedy’s eyes to see that he misjudged the Congress of 1996 and that their motive was to protect marriage and not discriminate against anyone. May Justice Kennedy hold fast to his view that the states possess the authority to make marriage policy for their people and may he defend that right even if he is hostile to the idea of not recognizing same-sex “marriage.” Lord, remind Justice Kennedy, who is married, has a family, and is a Roman Catholic, of the holy nature of marriage as between a man and woman. May Kennedy be persuaded by God Himself that marriage is a picture of Christ and his Church, not to be tampered with, and a gift to all people. May God do a thorough work in Justice Kennedy’s mind and heart and may he align himself with his historic faith tradition and the Constitution, rather than the anger manifest in the DOMA ruling.May God have mercy on Kennedy, America and generations yet unborn, by not allowing him to go down the same path of reasoning in this case as he did in the Windsor ruling. [SOURCE]

Like Justice Kennedy, it will take an epiphany to turn Justice Stephen Breyer’s heart and mind on this issue. So we must pray.

Pray that God, who changes hearts and minds, will bring conviction to Justice Breyer. As in the rare times he voted with conservatives, sometime with different reasoning than his originalist colleagues, may he be moved to stand for each state’s right to make its own marriage law. Lord, we desperately need an awakening in America. You teach us that we are to pray specifically for those in authority (1 Tim 2:1-2), and that you want “all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (v. 2-8). We pray for Justice Breyer and all of the members of the Supreme Court. Move supernaturally upon Justice Breyer and the other members who share his philosophy. Convince them of sin, of righteousness and judgment, which is what you sent the Holy Spirit to do (Jo 16:8). [SOURCE]

Please pray that God will bring His persuasion to bear on Justice Kagan’s thinking. We pray for her, and all of the members of the Court, that God will influence her thinking, perhaps even by reading the writings of former Justices who saw the principals of truth and righteousness as key to the proper interpretation of the Constitution and that God and not man established the immutable standard of right and wrong. Pray that this champion of liberals, who apparently sees the court as a means of imposing her ideology upon our nation, will moderate. Pray, too, that she will not be a negative influence on the reasoning of her colleagues on the Court in this matter. Pray for a miracle that Justice Kagan will uphold the freedom of each state to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman and reject any 50 state mandate with regard to marriage! [SOURCE]

Pray that Chief Justice Roberts will be a Chief Justice on whom we can count to be strong, never “given to change” on natural marriage. May he in no way be swayed by his colleagues who view the Constitution as a “living document,” rather may he remain firm in his stand for the Constitution and for natural marriage just as every justice in history has until recently. Pray that God will give Chief Justice Roberts unusual courage and anointing to lead while remaining a peacemaker among his colleagues on the Court. May the Roberts Court be remembered for holding the line on marriage and preventing catastrophe for America’s families, especially our children! [SOURCE]

So since you’re losing the legal and cultural battle, you just want God to violate the free will of the Supreme Court justices, snap his fingers and change their minds? That’s not very sporting of you. And what about all those people praying that the case turns out the other way? You can’t both have your way. And yet the Bible clearly says that if two or more people pray for something in Jesus’ name, it will be done. Oops.

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