Glenn Beck’s Awkward Anniversary

Glenn Beck’s Awkward Anniversary April 22, 2015

This week was the running of the Boston Marathon, the two year anniversary of the horrific terrorist bombing at the finish line. But as Right Wing Watch points out, it’s also the two year anniversary of Glenn Beck trying to blame a completely innocent Saudi student for being the “money man” behind the bombing. Here he is telling the government that they had 3 days to come clean or he was going to reveal the truth. The feigned macho bluster is hilarious:

I love that he declares that it may be the most important issue in American history and it will “determine the fate of our nation.” And here he is declaring Alharbi to be the money man and the recruiter for Al Qaeda and he was behind the entire bombing. All of this, of course, was pure bullshit. The FBI investigated Alharbi thoroughly and declared that he had nothing to do with the bombing, and in fact was an innocent bystander who was a victim of the bombing.

Eventually, he just faded away from the story because it was bullshit from the start. And now Alharbi is suing him for defamation and has a very good chance of winning. I hope he gets every dime Beck has ever made.

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