Kasich Waiting for God to Tell Him to Run for President

Kasich Waiting for God to Tell Him to Run for President April 22, 2015

Like most other Republicans, Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he’s just waiting on God to tell him whether he should run for president or not. Also like most of them, God’s will for them will be remarkably similar to their own because His voice is really their voice.

On Meet The Press, Gov. Kasich said, “My family is a consideration, and number two, the most important thing is, what does the Lord want me to do with my life? You know, he puts us on Earth, all of us on Earth, to achieve certain purposes, and I’m trying to determine if this is what the Lord wants, and I’m not going to figure that out laying in bed hoping lightning strikes, so I’m out there one foot in front of another. We’ll see what happens.”

That is some major league gibberish. He’s out there putting one foot in front of the other. I can only assume that means that he’s talking to big money donors, commissioning polls and consulting with campaign advisers to see if he has any chance of winning. Once he figures that out, he’ll magically get a message from God that just happens to line up with what he finds out. But he’ll only say that God told him to run. If he decides not to run, it won’t be because God didn’t want him to.

And given the track record of all the candidates in 2012 who said God had told them to run, he might want to reconsider listening to those voices. God has almost as bad a track record of political predictions as Dick Morris. Unless, of course, God is intentionally trying make them all fall flat on their faces in front of the whole country. That’s a God I could get behind.

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