Savage: Gay Rights ‘Nazis’ Will ‘Destroy the Human Race’

Savage: Gay Rights ‘Nazis’ Will ‘Destroy the Human Race’ April 22, 2015

Michael Savage is coming absolutely unhinged because a group of gay rights activists wrote a letter criticizing a Catholic archbishop for his virulently bigoted views. So now, of course, gay rights activists are “bullies” and “Nazis” who will “destroy the human race.”

“This is how bullies operate,” he said. “They’re the bullies, the Nazis of today are these bullies.”…

Savage, who is seemingly under the impression that LGBT equality will end all heterosexual relationships and curtail procreation, later claimed that gay rights advocates will ultimately “destroy the human race” by teaching “children filth and pollution.”

“They want to eliminate the difference between the sexes, they want you to believe that God made man and woman identical,” Savage said. “Go tell that to the duck in the pond. You people are so stupid that you’ve lost touch with reality. Somehow Donald Duck knows who Daisy Duck is. He doesn’t mount Billy Duck or there would be no eggs and no ducks. So Donald Duck has more brains than these hundred people.”

Except, of course, we do see same-sex acts in nearly every species of mammal and yet all those species still exist. Why? Because the fact that some animals have sex with other animals of the same gender doesn’t mean that all members of that species stop having heterosexual sex and having babies. Giving equal rights to gay people isn’t going to turn straight people into gay people, for crying out loud.

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