Cruz: President Obama an ‘Unmitigated Socialist’

Cruz: President Obama an ‘Unmitigated Socialist’ April 23, 2015

My former colleague Dave Weigel reports on a recent appearance by Ted Cruz where he showed that, like every wingnut I’ve ever known, he has no idea what a socialist is. He claimed that President Obama is an “unmitigated socialist,” which is why he’s been such a “disaster.”

After Texas Senator Ted Cruz addressed the First in the Nation summit in Nashua, New Hampshire, on Saturday, he headed to a basement conference room for a conversation with young Republicans. There was no filming of the speech, but reporters were allowed to sit in as Cruz fielded questions about Iran, millennials, and his own fitness for president. When one audience member asked Cruz what executive experience he could bring to the job, Cruz lambasted the “greybeards” in Washington for coming up with the “senator versus governor” framework in the first place.

“Obama is not a disaster because he was a senator,” said Cruz. “Obama is a disaster because he’s an unmitigated socialist, what he believes is profoundly dangerous, and he’s undermined the Constitution and the role of America in the world.”

Socialism means the public ownership of the means of production. Does President Obama advocate that? Nope, he doesn’t. Has never suggested a single policy that would even hint at it. This is just an attempt to poison the well. The American public thinks socialists are evil and therefore calling someone a socialist inoculates those people against supporting them.

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