Gallagher: Christians Will Need to Rebuild Collapsed Civilization

Gallagher: Christians Will Need to Rebuild Collapsed Civilization April 23, 2015

Maggie Gallagher went on James Dobson’s radio show and continued the bizarre claims coming from the Christian right about how letting gay people get married will destroy all of society. She told him that we’re witnessing the “collapse of civilization” and that Christians will have to rebuild it.

Declaring that the push for marriage equality is nothing more than “an attempt to impose a new morality on all of America,” Gallagher warned Dobson’s audience to get ready to live as pariahs in a society in which people of faith and marginalized and persecuted.

“Christianity in this country is going to enter a new phase where we are a hated minority group,” she declared, “and I think we had better be psychologically and spiritually prepared for that and be prepared to rebuild from the ruins of the collapse of civilization that we’re witnessing. At least one civilization is over with and what the next phase of American civilization will be is yet to be determined.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what will happen if gay people are allowed to get married? Virtually nothing. And in very short order, Gallagher and all the other professional hysterics will be viewed as a bunch of ridiculous Chicken Littles when they sky doesn’t fall.

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