Georgia City Flies Christian Flag Over City Hall

Georgia City Flies Christian Flag Over City Hall April 23, 2015

A tiny town in Georgia voted overwhelmingly to approve flying the Christian flag over city hall even after their attorney told them that it would be unconstitutional to do so. Sounds like they want to get sued, if someone in that small town of a few thousand people were willing to sue over it.

Even after the city attorney told them it was a violation of church/state separation, the city council of little Cochran, Georgia, population 5,100, voted last week to fly the “Christian flag” over its City Hall. And the city manager tells us it’s still flying there now.

A local resident alerted us to the situation, concerned that the story wasn’t getting wider attention. WMAZ, a television station in Macon, which is about 40 miles north, wrote a brief piece about the city council’s decision, but our informant told us that the flag was also flying at the Bleckley County Courthouse and other public places.

We called Cochran City Manager Richard Newbern to ask him if the story was true.

“The council voted last Tuesday, on April 14, to fly the Christian flag at City Hall,” Newbern told us. “In the past it has been flown from time to time at City Hall.”

But this time, he says, after the council voted to raise the flag, Newbern thought he better get an opinion from the city attorney.

“The attorney advised that the flag not be flown at City Hall,” he says, and it was taken down. But then the city council voted 5-1 to put it back up, and it’s been flying on a pole outside the building ever since.

As always, this is purely about marking their territory.

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