Perkins Caller: Go to Gay Wedding to Warn Them of Hell

Perkins Caller: Go to Gay Wedding to Warn Them of Hell April 23, 2015

Bryan Fischer recently told his audience that they should only go to a same-sex marriage if they first send a letter to the couple explaining why you think it’s wrong. But that was a bit too warm and fuzzy for a caller to Tony Perkins’ radio show, who said you should go only to interrupt the wedding and tell them they’re going to hell.

The caller, who identified himself as “Ricky,” told Perkins that he was “shocked” by Fischer’s suggestion since a true Christian would only attend a gay couple’s wedding in order to interrupt the ceremony and tell the participants that they are going to Hell.

“The only reason that any Christian would ever attend a homosexual wedding is when the preacher says, ‘Is there any objection to the wedding,’ you stand up and say, ‘Yes, according to the Bible, sodomy, you will burn in Hell for this.’ That is the only reason why any Christian would ever attend a sodomite wedding,” Ricky told Perkins.

Perkins replied by saying that Ricky brought up a “good point” but that he doubted that a gay couple would “invite people to raise any objections to it.”

When you’re more extreme than Bryan Fischer…holy shit.

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