King: Strip the Court of Jurisdiction Before Oral Argument on Marriage Cases

King: Strip the Court of Jurisdiction Before Oral Argument on Marriage Cases April 24, 2015

Rep. Steve King, one of the most extreme and reality-challenged members of Congress, is echoing Ted Cruz in wanting Congress to strip the Supreme Court of jurisdiction over same-sex marriage cases, but he wants to do it right now, before the oral argument takes place on April 28.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next week for and against bans on same-sex marriage, and many are hopeful that it will eventually rule in favor of expanding marriage equality.

So what are social conservatives to do to stop it? According to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), they can block the Supreme Court from considering it at all.

King unveiled a bill on Wednesday that would bar federal courts from hearing any cases related to the definition of marriage.

“We could pass this bill before the Supreme Court could even hear the oral arguments, let alone bring a decision down in June,” he said at a press conference. “That would stop it right then, there would be no decision coming out of the Supreme Court. This is a brake, and whether we can get the brake on or not between now and June, that we don’t know.”

The bill doesn’t stand much of a chance — even if it got through the House and Senate, it would almost certainly be vetoed by President Barack Obama. Still, it indicates the degree to which social conservatives are willing to go to maintain bans on same-sex marriage even if the nation’s highest court rules they are unconstitutional.

King, as usual, is living in a fantasy world. Yes, Congress does have the power to do that, but there’s no way in hell it would pass. But as always, King is allergic to reality and prefers to live in his dream world.

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