Lively: Only Mob Violence Can Stop Gay Marriage

Lively: Only Mob Violence Can Stop Gay Marriage April 24, 2015

Scott Lively is getting more and more strident in his claims about gay marriage. More strident than claiming that the Nazis were really gay? Yep. Now he says that the only way to stop gay marriage in America is for a mob with pitchforks and torches in the streets.

The battle today is for marriage, the core of the natural family. Every human being on this planet will be harmed if the elites are allowed to destroy it by mutation. It is no different than Monsanto destroying natural foods or seeds by mutating their DNA, or Big Pharma destroying bodies by flooding the health industry with artificial, often poisonous “remedies.” Our common paradigm in the grass roots for guiding society should be natural-vs.-artificial across the board, including natural marriage and family, rejecting the counterfeit alternatives to the self-evident design of our ecology – and our physiology.

The natural family is the ecosystem of humanity! It must be preserved at all costs.

How? By a populist uprising! The elites need to see the angry mob – liberals and conservatives together – surging through the streets, pitchforks and torches held aloft, ready to tear down Frankenstein’s castle with their bare hands if need be. For Christians it’s Jesus and the moneychangers time! Making a whip of cords like He did with His own hands, and letting these arrogant puppet-masters know we mean to use it (metaphorically speaking)…

The only way to deter the elites is with the threat of the mob. They need to see the pitchforks and torches to know they’ve gone too far and need to back down.

Yeah, but here’s the problem Mr. Lively: You don’t have much of a mob left. Most Americans now support marriage equality and the numbers are going up every day. You lost. And your pseudo-violent fantasies aren’t going to do a thing to change that.

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