Not Racist Woman Leaves Note Full of Racial Slurs for Neighbor

Not Racist Woman Leaves Note Full of Racial Slurs for Neighbor April 24, 2015

Parking disputes seem to be the order of the day lately. A woman in Oregon who is totally not a racist left a note for her neighbor, a naturalized citizen born in Ghana, repeatedly calling her a nigger and saying that she now hates niggers because of her. It apparently involved a parking dispute.

Investigators said Eva Chapin admitted to writing the notes “to get a reaction” from her neighbor, a 47-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen from Ghana, reported Oregon Live.

“I’m not a racist but I can see how someone can become hating n****rs,” read one note, written on yellow adhesive paper. “You did this. There were no n****rs in (West Linn) until u came.”

“B*tch! I’ve been here 22 years and no n****rs and now you,” another note read. “U made me hate n****rs now.”

There’s that famous line “I’m not a racist but…” Nothing good ever follows that. Every statement that begins that way is almost certain to end with a spew of racism. But it’s all okay, folks, because we have a black president and that means racism has magically disappeared. And she’d even let that president use her bathroom.

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