Robertson: Hillary Wants to Ban Criticism of Politicians

Robertson: Hillary Wants to Ban Criticism of Politicians April 24, 2015

Hillary Clinton said recently that she would support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling. Pat Robertson argues, bizarrely, that this means if we had a constitutional convention to pass it, she would ban criticism of politicians.

Robertson was referring to Clinton’s comments that she is open to a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates to corporate and dark money in elections. Robertson’s warning makes no sense considering that the ruling was delivered in 2010, and political criticism was very lively and legal before then.

“Hillary Clinton actually wants to restrict the First Amendment right of free speech so that they will protect the political class so that people will be prohibited under the Constitution from criticizing politicians,” Robertson said. “It’s appalling, but that’s what she said.”

Nope, that isn’t what she said. It isn’t even close to what she said. You’re lying. As usual.

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