County Commissioner Has No Idea Why He Used a Racial Slur

County Commissioner Has No Idea Why He Used a Racial Slur April 25, 2015

The Nemaha County Board of Commissioners was wrestling with an issue of tremendous importance, whether to replace some of the mulch on their office grounds with decorative rocks or not. Commissioner Bob Hutton suddenly decided to offer a devastating argument against doing so:

Bob Hutton, who represents portions of Nemaha County as a commissioner, raised safety concerns that kids might throw decorative rocks if they were used to replace mulch on the courthouse lawn, reported US92.

“They could use them in their ‘n****r guns,’” Hutton said.

County Clerk Joyce Oakley immediately rebuked the Republican official and Board Chairman Dennis Wittman said the comment was not appropriate.

Hutton admitted it was a mistake after a few moments, the radio station reported.

He later said he wasn’t sure why he used the racial slur.

“I don’t (know),” Hutton said. “It just come to me that way, so that’s all I got.”

I’m sure he’s not a racist, though. I bet it’s all a false flag operation. Obama and George Soros have invented a mind control machine that makes people say things that appear racist as part of their secret Muslim campaign to destroy America with gay marriage and Agenda 21.

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