Trump’s Latest Clueless Claims on Immigration

Trump’s Latest Clueless Claims on Immigration April 25, 2015

Donald Trump continued his I’m Still Pretending to Run for President tour with an interview on a right wing radio show, during which he said that Mexico and South America are deliberately sending drug dealers to the United States while keep all the good citizens for themselves.

While speaking yesterday with conservative talk show host John Fredericks, Donald Trump said that Central and South American countries are sending immigrants “they don’t want” to America while “keeping their good.”

“The ones we are getting are the drug lords, we’re getting the gang members, and we’re getting some people that are fine, but we’re not getting the best and finest from South America, believe me,” Trump said. Trump accused President Obama of deliberately keeping the border unprotected because he wants to “build up the Democrat [sic] Party.”

As always, there isn’t even the most tenuous connection to reality here. Most of the immigrants come from Central America, not South America, and they’re almost entirely single mothers and children. Not exactly the profile of a drug smuggler. He has no evidence at all for his claims, of course, but when does he ever? If he wasn’t rich and famous, everyone would just point and laugh at him and his ignorant blather. But celebrity status buys you credibility in America’s absurd popular culture.

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