Albuquerque Cop Faces Misdemeanor Assault Charges

Albuquerque Cop Faces Misdemeanor Assault Charges April 27, 2015

Albuquerque police have become notorious for misconduct and brutality over the last few years, and justifiably so. After a cadet blew the whistle on an officer who turned off his body camera just before beating up a woman, that officer has been arrested by state police and is facing assault charges.

We’ve learned one of the Albuquerque Police Department officers accused in the March 20 beating of a person – Officer Cedric Greer, 24 – was arrested by New Mexico State Police Friday evening.

State police say Greer “battered an individual during a call for service that he was conducting at a local Albuquerque hotel. He struck the individual’s head several times with a closed fist and then delivered several strikes to the individual’s chest causing bruising. Witnesses claimed the individual was cooperative with Mr. Greer before and after the battery.”

Sources also tell KOB there is video evidence that Greer turned his lapel camera off before the alleged beating, then turned it back on afterward. His lapel camera captures his finger turning the camera off.

An arrest warrant was issued for Greer on misdemeanor aggravated battery charges.

Only misdemeanor charges? That’s outrageous. Police officers should face harsher punishment for assault than the general public because they are entrusted to enforce the law, not violate it. This is the case where the officers were turned in by a police cadet, who probably just killed his career by crossing that (not so) thin blue line. It also shows that if you’re going to have body cameras, which every single police officer in the country should be required to have, you cannot allow them to be turned off by the officer. They should not have that capability at all.

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