Santorum’s Warped Thoughts On the Establishment Clause

Santorum’s Warped Thoughts On the Establishment Clause April 27, 2015

Rick Santorum is still playing the poor persecuted Christians card, now combining it with a truly bizarre claim that if the Christian right isn’t allowed to do whatever they want to do, including engage in discrimination, this somehow violates the Establishment Clause.

Santorum said that the courts and liberal activists have flipped Thomas Jefferson’s famous “separation of church and state” on its head so that now Christians are being prohibited from exercising their faith in the public square.

“The separation now is people of faith can’t tell the government what to do,” he said. “In other words, we can’t bring our faith claims into the public square to live them out fully. And that is an interesting thing because what people say now is ‘anywhere the government is, faith can’t be.’ Well, where isn’t the government?”

“I think you’re also starting to see a violation of the Establishment Clause,” Santorum continued, “because what we’re seeing now is an establishment not of a traditional church that you and I [know], a Bible-based church, but a liberal orthodoxy that says you have to believe these things or else you’re going to run afoul of the federal government.”

I’d sure love to know where this “public square” is that Christians are supposedly locked out of. They just held an anti-gay marriage rally on the National Mall this weekend. Santorum goes on talk shows and gives speeches claiming that he’s not allowed to say what he and every other bigot says literally every single day, in public. Members of Congress say the same things right there at the capitol. There must be some other mythical “public square” that doesn’t allow Christians to speak. Or Santorum is just full of shit.

Just so the Christian right position is clear:

It’s not a violation of the Establishment Clause to force schoolchildren to recite government-written prayers or to read the Bible.

It is a violation of the Establishment Clause when they aren’t allowed to impose their religious views on everyone else.

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