Surprise, Farah is Clueless About Transgenderism

Surprise, Farah is Clueless About Transgenderism April 27, 2015

I didn’t watch the Bruce Jenner interview on Friday, nor do I really care to, but I do recognize that it might be a watershed moment for helping Americans begin to understand transgenderism in the way that Ellen coming out did the same for gay people. Joseph Farah, predictably, clutches his pearls and blathers ignorantly.

There’s something curiously and disturbingly symbolic about one-time American Olympic star Bruce Jenner’s exploitive romance with the idea of surgically transforming himself from a man to a woman…

It’s being called America’s “transgender moment.”

It may also be a signature moment in the rise and fall of a nation, a culture and our definition of the American Dream.

I hesitate to make too much of this tragic carnival sideshow, but someone needs to state the obvious: This poor, tortured soul’s life journey seems to be mimicking the nation’s over the last 30 years.

Yes, yes, yes, America is collapsing because LGBT people are stepping out of the shadows and beginning to be treated like actual human beings with equal rights. Blah blah blah, we’ve heard this all before, ad fucking nauseum.

Today that process is on overdrive. Same-sex marriage, a concept never before considered in 6,000 years of human history, is on its way to becoming the law of the land.

But a bunch of your writers have been claiming that same-sex marriage is what caused Noah’s flood. Which is it?

I’m sorry for Bruce Jenner. He’s suffering from some terrible mental disorder or succumbing to compulsions much worse. By the way, men can’t become women and women can’t become men. There’s more to it than plumbing, don’t you know?

Isn’t that exactly the point, that there’s more to it than plumbing? Farah is too clueless to realize he’s contradicting himself.

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