Woman Texts During National Anthem, Right Wing Loses Mind

Woman Texts During National Anthem, Right Wing Loses Mind April 27, 2015

This weekend was the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner, or “nerd prom” as they sometimes call it in DC, and Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller knows that the big story of the night was a woman who was texting on her phone while the band played the national anthem, thus “outraging America.”

Shortly after President Barack Obama arrived on the stage for the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the band began to play the National Anthem.

First Lady Michelle Obama was seen singing every word as the band played. Everyone on stage including CBS News correspondent Major Garrett, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest and President Barack Obama proudly held their hand over their heart as the anthem played.

Then CNN cameras panned the crowd, showing dinner attendees with their hand over their heart — except for one woman who was buried in her cell phone.

The woman was a Washington Post reporter, who said on Twitter that she was taking notes on her phone “because it’s 2015.” Now, of course, she’s obviously a communist Muslim illegal immigrant traitor who carries chemtrails in her purse. I bet she was actually on her phone reporting all the Christians in the crowd to the Illuminati so they could be rounded up into FEMA concentration camps when ISIS takes over the country, where they’ll be forced to get gay married.

Seriously, if that’s the kind of shit that gets you all outraged, but not poverty or injustice or war crimes, you’re pretty much a failure at life.

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