E. W. Jackson is ‘Willing to Die’ to Fight Gay Marriage

E. W. Jackson is ‘Willing to Die’ to Fight Gay Marriage April 28, 2015

When I saw that there was going to be an event at the National Press Club with a bunch of Christian right leaders about gay marriage, I knew there would be some awesome rhetoric going on and told Jamila Bey about it. I don’t know if she went to it, but if not she missed them promising to die if that’s what it takes to stop gay people from getting married.

Bishop E.W. Jackson waxed eloquent about all the Christian martyrs throughout history and said this:

I don’t know what’s going to happen to us for the stand that we’re taking, but I think I can say for every one of us, we will give our lives standing for the truth.

That’s so brave of you to declare your willingness to die in a battle that doesn’t actually exist. It’s so much easier to welcome martyrdom when there’s no actual risk of having to follow through on it. You want to know what’s going to happen to you, bishop? Let me clue you in: Nothing. You’ll keep screaming about the tyranny that exists only in your mind, gay people are going to go ahead and get married and as public opinion continues to shift in favor of equality, you’re going to look more and more like the racists who opposed civil rights for blacks half a century ago. And at some point, you’ll be so marginalized that you’ll be little more than a punchline.

You see, we’ve seen this movie before, several times. We know how it ends. You lose, as the bigots always do eventually. And then you get laughed at.

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