Hindu Wingnut: Nepal Earthquake Due to Eating Beef

Hindu Wingnut: Nepal Earthquake Due to Eating Beef April 28, 2015

America is not the only country where people think that natural disasters happen because people don’t follow the arcane rules of their religion and thus anger the easily agitated deity they worship. A Hindu nationalist leader in India says the Nepal earthquake happened because they eat beef.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Sadhvi Prachi kicked up yet another controversy when she came up with her logic on the recent earthquake that devastated Nepal.

Commenting the most unreasonable statement that could come at this tragic time, controversial BJP functionaries, Saksha Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachi have linked the earthquake in Nepal to Rahul Gandhi’s Kedarnath visit.

Speaking to media persons in Haridwar, Sakshi Maharaj said, “Rahul Gandhi eats beef and goes to the holy shrine without purifying himself, the earthquake was bound to happen.”

This same woman said recently that “those who indulge in cow slaughter have no right to live in India.” Hey, your theocratic wingnuts are a lot like our theocratic wingnuts!

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