Perkins and Mickelson Demand Impeachment of Justices

Perkins and Mickelson Demand Impeachment of Justices April 28, 2015

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council went on Jan Mickelson’s radio show and the two of them demanded that Congress remove the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction over marriage cases and impeach any justice who rules on the side of marriage equality.

Mickelson suggested that if this happens, members of Congress should try to “remove” the Supreme Court’s “jurisdiction” over the marriage issue and “nullify” its decision, sending the message to the justices that “if you try it again we will impeach your sorry keisters.” Perkins heartily agreed: “I think you’re absolutely right.”

*yawn* Do what we want or we’ll fire you! Of course, that constitution that they claim to love so much (at least the King James Version of it) deliberately insulates the justices from that kind of pressure by giving them tenure for life. They’re all for originalism, except when they’re not. And they love the constitution, except when they don’t. And then there’s this:

Mickelson also said that Justices Kagan and Ginsburg should recuse themselves from the case since they have both officiated weddings for same-sex couples, claiming that the two are trying to impose their religion of “secular progressivism” on the country.

“Why should a religious minority like Kagan or Ginsburg, I’m not talking about their Jewish background, I’m talking about their secular progressivism, their form of religion, why does their religion get a seat at the table and everybody else’s view gets vilified?” he asked.

Funny how suddenly everything is a religion to them other than, you know, religion. The Ten Commandments are totally not religious, they claim, but taking a liberal position on an issue is. Could their position possibly get any more absurd or incoherent?

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