Poor Ben Carson Just Can’t Win

Poor Ben Carson Just Can’t Win April 28, 2015

I almost feel bad for Ben Carson (almost, but not quite). The poor guy puts in all this effort to polish his anti-gay bonafides to court the Christian right, then in their never-ending quest for ideological purity, they get mad at him anyway because he endorsed a senator who isn’t anti-gay enough for them.

In March 2013, Senator Portman, who was once staunchly pro-family, revealed that his own son is a homosexual and announced his support for “same-sex marriage.” That brought a strong reaction from conservatives in Ohio, including Phil Burress, who is chairman of the Citizens for Community Values Action PAC and has vowed to work hard for a Portman GOP primary defeat next year.

But Dr. Ben Carson, who is expected to officially announce his candidacy for president early next month, has officially endorsed Portman’s re-election. “I want to see Rob Portman re-elected to the U.S. Senate and encourage Ohio voters to join his campaign and keep the Senate in Republican control,” said Carson last weekend.

“That sent shockwaves to the pro-family community, and basically it took him off my list,” Burress shares.

And he believes this move will severely damage Dr. Carson’s chances of becoming president, “Because if you come out and endorse a candidate who believes in same-sex marriage, then that pretty much puts you into the same camp,” he contends.

It’s the same problem Republican candidates always have. You have to pick your poison: you can appeal to the hardcore bigots on the Christian right or you can appeal to everyone else, but you can’t do both. And if you try to appeal to the bigots, you’d better do it every single day as loudly as you can and never even hint at the possibility that you would ever do anything but continue to appease them or they’ll dump you in an instant. Oh well, that’s what happens when your target audience are bigots.

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