Scarborough: The Majority is Often Wrong

Scarborough: The Majority is Often Wrong April 28, 2015

A gaggle of bigots gathered at the National Press Club to cast themselves as martyrs, declaring for all the world to see that they will never accept a Supreme Court ruling allowing gay people to get married (good for you, guys — here’s a cookie for you). And Rick Scarborough made this amusingly oblivious statement:

During his remarks, Scarborough declared that marriage equality is an attack on God and dismissed the idea that the majority of Americans support gay marriage by asserting that a majority of Americans once also supported segregation.

“I am not surprised that some recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans now say they approve of same-sex marriage,” he said. “We have heard a steady drum beat for the last decade of a one-sided national discussion on the subject. But there was also a time when the majority of Americans in this country approved of separate restrooms and separate classrooms for black American citizens. The majority often gets it wrong.”

But wait Rick, aren’t you the ones who constantly demand that the Supreme Court respect the “will of the people” — i.e., the majority? In fact, aren’t you the ones who constantly claim that if they fail to respect the will of the majority, that’s “tyranny” and the end of democracy itself? I guess that only counts when you’re in the majority. When public opinion changes, so does the tune you’re humming. How surprising!

And your comparison is exactly backwards, of course. It was the majority in favor of such discrimination and the courts ruled against them, just like they’re now ruling against your majority that wants to discriminate. And just like public opinion changed on segregation, it’s now rapidly changing on anti-gay discrimination. Up is not down, black is not white, and your preferred form of oppression is not different from previous forms.

“Marriage can no more include same-sex couples than a rock can fall up,” Scarborough continued. “The court can no more redefine marriage than it can redefine gravity … Today I declare before Heaven, I will no deny God, nor His word to curry any man’s favor. With great caution should anyone indulge the notion that one can change what God has said … To deny the created order is to attack God’s very nature.”

Good for you. You are entirely free to go on believing that as long as you live, you just won’t be allowed to force others to live by it anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

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