‘Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!’

‘Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!’ April 29, 2015

On Saturday, the National Organization for Marriage held its annual small gathering of bigots at its March for Marriage. And this year they were treated to an Orthodox priest delivering the single dumbest argument one can possibly give against gay marriage:

Father Johannes Jacobse, an Orthodox priest from Florida, set the tone at the National Organization for Marriage’s event when he warned that if marriage equality becomes law, “in the end, the state will be telling you how to live and you will lose your freedom and the family will be weakened and the society will crumble and might even be destroyed.”

“God created the family,” he added. “In the beginning, in the beginning, it was Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve!”

I agree with Jamie Kilstein, who says that anytime someone says this the response should be, “Shhhh. Adults are talking.” Seriously, how can anyone actually believe in a literal Adam and Eve?

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