Starnes’ Deliberate Lack of Understanding

Starnes’ Deliberate Lack of Understanding April 29, 2015

Because Todd Starnes, Fox News’ resident hysteric, simply cannot see gay people as human beings, he finds it impossible to understand why they don’t want people to discriminate against them. So naturally, he dismisses it all as an evil desire to destroy Christians.

It really is frightening to know that you could just be minding your own business in your own store or shop and all of the sudden LGBT activists come in and you find yourself in the middle of some sort of a lawsuit. You know, the Kleins have already lost their bakery, they don’t have $135,000. And as a result of this fine they could lose this home. You really have to step back and ask yourself: What is it that the LGBT activists, what is it that these government officials want? Do they want to destroy Christians? Do they want to force all of us out of our homes? Do they want to say, ‘If you’re a Christian, if you follow Christ, the teachings of Christ, you are not qualified to own a business or run a shop in the state of Oregon?’ Is that what they are trying to say?

It’s really not that difficult to understand: They want to be treated as equals. You see, if an atheist was just “minding their own business in their own store” and “all of a sudden Christians came in” and demanded service, they could find themselves “in the middle of some sort of lawsuit” — but only if they refused to serve them. Because federal law makes it illegal to discriminate in public accommodations on the basis of religion, as it should. And yet there are no actual instances of this happening. Atheist-owned businesses don’t typically discriminate against Christians.

What gay people want are exactly the same protections that Christians have and take for granted. A Muslim can’t refuse to hire or serve a Christian even if their “sincerely held religious beliefs” tell them that they should. Ironically, it’s the Christians who are demanding “special rights” to discriminate in ways that they would never accept for themselves.

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