The Satanic Energy Drink Lady on Same-Sex Marriage

The Satanic Energy Drink Lady on Same-Sex Marriage April 29, 2015

As the Supreme Court has taken up the same-sex marriage cases, lots of protests and counter-protests have taken place around the SC building. One of the people who showed up was Christine Weick, the woman who infamously made the Youtube video claiming that Monster energy drinks are Satanic. Her pronouncements were predictably absurd.

As the U.S. Supreme Court was preparing to hear arguments on marriage equality on Tuesday, McArdle interviewed protester Christine Weick, who was standing outside the courthouse holding a sign that used the Bible to condemn homosexuality.

“I’m here because I have a passion for God’s word,” she explained. “And I understand we have a situation here where God shows us in the Old Testament an example of nations that go against the word of God.”

“I love my God, and I love my country,” Weick continued. “And it concerns me that if this goes the wrong way, which is against the Bible, that his hand of protection will be leaving this country, and that scares me.”

So why didn’t his “hand of protection” leave the country when the Constitution was written? After all, that Constitution allows non-Christians to lead the government, allows people to worship other gods (which violates the very first commandment) and allows people the freedom to blaspheme and convince people to worship other gods (the punishment for which was stoning in the Bible)? Why hasn’t his hand of protection been withdrawn because we allow divorce or allow women to be in positions of authority over men? All of those things quite obviously “go against the word of God.” So why is it only gay rights that suddenly cause this to happen? Oh right, because you’re a bigot and all of this is just a ridiculous pretext that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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