Barton Finds Two Useless PhDs to Agree With Him

Barton Finds Two Useless PhDs to Agree With Him April 30, 2015

There are few things more important to the Christian right than academic credentials. That’s why so many creationists, like Kent Hovind, call themselves “Dr” by getting worthless PhDs from diploma mills. And it’s why David Barton made such a huge deal over the fact that two people with PhDs have written a book agreeing with him about Jefferson:

That’s why, we we came out with the book “The Jefferson Lies” that tore down all this stuff, man, the left went viciously through the roof and said “oh, that’s not true.” Well, now it turns out that other scholars, a couple of Ph.Ds have come out with a new book called “Doubting Thomas” that indeed reaches the same conclusions that we did on the faith of Jefferson … And so now Ph.Ds are out with this kind of stuff and we thought this is good because people need the apologetics on Thomas Jefferson because if you can take Jefferson away from left then it becomes very naked what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to impose their own personal agenda. It no longer has anything to do history or credibility. And so this will be a fun interview to look at Jefferson through the eyes of two PH.Ds who have done research work on Jefferson that has not been done in this generations for sure and I don’t think this kind of work has been done in Jefferson in the last one hundred years, quite frankly.

Wow, two people with PhDs! That proves what Barton said was true! Except, of course, it doesn’t, just like Barton’s constant mentions of how many footnotes he had in his book proves it to be true. And predictably, the two men he’s referring to have PhDs that have nothing remotely to do with history (Barton only has a bachelor’s, also in no way related to history). One is Jerry Newcombe, a wingnut preacher whose PhD is actually a D.Min. — a doctorate in ministry. The other is Mark Belilesis, whose PhD is from an unaccredited online seminary. Funny how he can never find an actual historian who agrees with him.

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