Starnes: Pastors Will Be Arrested for Crimes That Don’t Exist!

Starnes: Pastors Will Be Arrested for Crimes That Don’t Exist! April 30, 2015

Todd Starnes, Fox News’ well-paid professional liar and hysteric, was a guest on Matthew Hagee’s show and spun a lurid tale of how, if the Supreme Court rules for marriage equality, pastors will be arrested for preaching the Bible as a hate crime.

“I do believe that if the Supreme Court does move forward and affirm this ruling,” he said, “I suspect that it is going to open up the floodgates. And I believe, Pastor Matt, that you are going to see militant LGBT activists directly target churches and directly targeting pastors and I think that we, in the very near future, could see American pastors brought up on hate crime charges for preaching from the Bible.”

Funny, you said the same thing six years ago when the federal hate crimes bill passed. So did all of your fellow paranoia-peddlers. Guess what? Hasn’t happened. You know why? Because it can’t happen. In order to qualify as a hate crime, there has to be an actual crime, an act of violence of destruction of property. Merely preaching anything does not and cannot qualify. Starnes knows this, of course, but he doesn’t care that he’s lying. It’s his job to lie.

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